Piggy Bank Pageant

Deck out your pig and enter Virginia Saves' Piggy Bank Pageant!  April is Financial Capability Awareness Month and is the best time for parents to introduce their children to the importance of savings. 

Children ages 6 - 16 are eligible to participate.  Here's how it works:

Your child or children's group create a piggy bank using household items. (coffee can, soda bottle, margarine dish etc.)  Snap a photo of your pig and attach an enrollment form to be considered for eligibility.  Grand Prize winners win $100!

Two age groups:

Class A: Ages 6 - 10
Class B: Ages 11 - 16

Get creative, your piggy bank could actually be a house, a car, a ball, or another animal.  The sky's the limit.  Entries will be posted at Virginia Saves Facebook page. 

To find out more about this annual savers activity, click here.


It's Hurricane Season....Can you weather a financial storm?

Virginia Savers:

Check out this article from NEFE (National Endowment for Financial Education).
It includes information on natural disasters and how to prepare for them financially, including reviewing your insurance policies.

Click here for more info on: Weathering Financial Storms


Virginia Saves Piggy Bank Pageant & Photo Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to all of the sponsoring organizations, volunteers, parents, and most of all, youth savers that participated in Virginia Saves 3rd Piggy Bank Pageant and Photo contest.

As we celebrate and promote financial literacy initiatives in April each year, Virginia Saves appreciates the work by our educators, community volunteers and family to help teach youth on the benefits of saving.  These life lessons are important for all of us as we seek to help families and communities become financially fit.

This year, 70 entries were received from 10 communities in Virginia, including: Charlottesville, Dublin, Newport, Pearisburg, Pembroke, Portsmouth, Radford, Roanoke and Virginia Beach.

In addition to individual entries submitted directly to Virginia Saves, we would like to acknowledge the participation from these groups:

·        Beans and Rice, Radford

·        Beta Chi Omega Chapter Alpha Kapa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Roanoke

·        Community Housing Partners, Yorktown and Portsmouth

·        Eastern Elementary/Middle School

·        Girl Scout Daisy Troop #17

·        Greenstone on 5th Neighborhood Network Community Center, Charlottesville

Winners by Class:  See Winners on Facebook

Virginia Saves and Virginia Saves appreciate the support and sponsorship of BB&T, Virginia Housing Development Authority and America Saves.  We will be coordinating with sponsoring organization for the presentation of awards.
Teresa Walker
Virginia Saves, Chair
Piggy Bank Pageant


Text Messaging Can Help You Save More

America Saves Announces New Text Message Service and Chance to Win $500

America Saves is committed to finding innovative ways to help you succeed financially. That's why we are excited to launch a new free text message service, as part of Financial Literacy Month, to keep you motivated to save. Text messages will come in the form of tips to help you find money to save, as well as advice and reminders to help you save for your specific goal.

And if that isn't enough, we are giving away $500 to help one person reach their savings goal.

How to enter to win the $500:
Sign up to receive text message from America Saves between April 1 and April 30, 2013 by texting the goal that you want to receive tips, advice, and reminders on. While anyone can sign up to receive text messages, you must by 18 to win. Choose from:

• Saving for an Emergency Fund -- Text EMERGENCY to 88769
• Saving for Education -- Text EDUCATION to 88769
• Debt Repayment -- Text DEBT to 88769
• Saving for a Home -- Text HOUSE to 88769
• Saving for Retirement -- T ext RETIRE to 88769
• General Savings -- Text SAVES to 88769

It's a win-win situation. One lucky person will win $500 to help them reach their savings goal - and everyone will win by staying motivated to save.  

D on't forget to share this with friends and family. It may be the thing that helps them set their goal to start and emergency fund, pay down debt, or save for items like education or retirement. 

Good Luck and Happy Saving!
Virginia Saves


Virginia Governor Recognizes America Saves Week

Virginia Saves Week

February 25 – March 2, 2013
Set A Goal.  Make A Plan.  Save Automatically. 

These are the key components of America Saves Week, a national effort to encourage personal savings. The Virginia Saves campaign aligns with the messages and the timing launching on Monday, February 25 and running until March 2. 

Virginia Saves offers numerous opportunities for individuals to assess their savings status and build their own plans for greater financial security. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell also supports the campaign and has issued a proclamation to recognize Virginia Saves Week for citizens in the Commonwealth.

Key savings strategies include:

·       Save a portion of your refund: Tax time is a great opportunity to boost your savings using a portion of your tax refund.

·       Pay off high-interest debt: Too much debt can create a barrier to savings.  Eliminate high cost credit card payments and redirect money to your savings account.

·       Save for emergencies:  Everyone faces unexpected expenses or repairs. Emergency funds help you to weather the financial storms of life.

·       Make Savings Automatic: Save regularly through payroll deduction or automatic transfer to a separate savings account. 

Individuals are encouraged to join the campaign and pledge to save.  If you have previously joined the campaign, we encourage you to re-commit to save and take the pledge, see http://www.virginiasaves.org/index.php/enroll.
Virginia Savers receive e-newsletters periodically and access to online tools to help you reduce debt and watch your money grow. New savers in Virginia will also be entered in a quarterly drawing for a $50 Visa gift card. 
The highly popular Piggy Bank Pageant for youth is also underway across the Commonwealth. A panel of judges will select winners from two categories. Cash prizes are supplied courtesy of Virginia Housing Development Authority.  The deadline for entries is March 31, 2013.

You will also find Virginia Saves tips on: Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot.
For more information, visit www.virginiasaves.org.

Click Here for Full Size PDF of Governor's Proclamation