Miss a Webinar?

If you missed one of our great webinars during America Saves Week, it is not too late to get the great information shared.  Webinars have been recorded just for you!  Just click on the link to view these wonderful webinars!

The average American may be facing 30 or more years in retirement.  Early planning can make all the difference in the quality of life you enjoy in retirement.  Take action to take care of the future YOU!  Topics include: 1. Social Security planning, 2. Different retirement savings vehicles and tax advantages, 3. Retirement distribution planning.  Speaker: Lamont Henry, CFP®

Refund season is here.  For many Americans the tax refund is the largest influx of cash received during the year.  Using these funds to advance your financial goals can help you grow opportunity for yourself and your family.  This webinar presents 5 key strategies you can use to employ your tax refund to its maximum benefit.  Speaker: L. Lori Irwin, CFP®
Getting started on your financial plan is not as hard as it seems.  Financial Planning steps allow you to get control of your monthly cash flow, reduce debt and build savings for your future.  Your plan begins Provides eight steps to taking control of your finances. Audience will learn about budging, spending plans, setting goals, managing debt and more. Speaker: Dan Neice, CFP® 


America Saves continues its commitment to inspiring savers by offering an #IMSAVINGFOR contest with a grand prize of $500!  Just snap a picture of what you are saving for and post it to your social media page.  Then visit http://www.americasavesweek.org/imsavingfor and tell them how to find your post!  Nice way to inspire others to save and to potentially jumpstart your own savings at the same time!

March Money Madness

Bank On Norfolk, part of our Bank On Hampton Roads team is excited to announce a kick off event for their April Bank On sessions called March Money Madness. This event is organized to be educational and fun.  The Vice-Mayor of Norfolk is expected to make a special announcement at this event.  Make plans to attend.

You can challenge your financial knowledge with their Financial Jackpot Game, win one of their drawings and meet one on one with a Financial Planner from FPA of Hampton Roads with no strings attached!