About Virginia Saves

Anyone can build wealth!
Virginia Saves builds self-sufficiency, reduces dependency on community resources, reverses the trend of high interest debt, and empowers savers to reach their financial goals through healthy money management. We provide financial education, wealth coaching, and low minimum savings products, for low- to moderate-income households and youth, through partnerships with community development organizations, financial institutions and counseling services, government, and employers.

Many believe that low- and moderate-income families cannot afford to save and build wealth. Yet research shows that there are "savers" and "spenders" in all income classes. While those with modest incomes cannot save as much as the affluent, almost all have the ability to build wealth over time. Through contributions to a workplace retirement program, home purchase, and other savings during their working years most can accumulate six-figure assets. The goal of the campaign is to convince all Americans that they can build wealth and to assist them to do just that.

We encourage all Virginians, especially the financially vulnerable, to travel down this saving path, keeping in mind it is difficult to move more than a mile or two at a time. If many Virginians start moving down the path, then the whole country will place greater importance on saving. Parents, schools, employers, financial institutions, government agencies, the press, and nonprofit groups will increasingly focus attention on wealth-building and assist those they serve to do so. As a result, it will become much easier for everyone to save and build wealth.