Piggy Bank Pageant

Deck out your pig and enter Virginia Saves' Piggy Bank Pageant!  April is Financial Capability Awareness Month and is the best time for parents to introduce their children to the importance of savings. 

Children ages 6 - 16 are eligible to participate.  Here's how it works:

Your child or children's group create a piggy bank using household items. (coffee can, soda bottle, margarine dish etc.)  Snap a photo of your pig and attach an enrollment form to be considered for eligibility.  Grand Prize winners win $100!

Two age groups:

Class A: Ages 6 - 10
Class B: Ages 11 - 16

Get creative, your piggy bank could actually be a house, a car, a ball, or another animal.  The sky's the limit.  Entries will be posted at Virginia Saves Facebook page. 

To find out more about this annual savers activity, click here.