Co-ops That Can Save You $$$

How much do you spend on buying lunch each month?  Consider the average cost of lunch is between $5 - $6, the average person can be spending up to $120 each month just for lunches.  That does not include any dining out you may do as a family in the evenings and on weekends!  Ouch!

I know a lot of people recommend bringing lunch from home as one solution for saving lunch dollars and that can certainly save some dough, but I recently came across a strategy that can make lunch both interesting and save you some big bucks!  Co-op.

By forming a group of co-workers who are adopting a thrifty attitude like you, you can each take turns providing a meal for lunch and save $$, enjoy the company and have interesting dishes to boot!  How does this work?  Let's say you have 4 friends, each friend brings lunch one day of the week with enough to feed all five.  You take one turn per week.  Average cost of lunch - $20.  Consider what you would have paid by eating out - $30.  You have already saved $10 for the week and $40 (now don't forget to put that savings away for your savings goals).

Expand on your group to 20 friends and you can purchase lunch just once per month and have tasty meals all month long.  To feed your friends you spend $50 (including bottled water to drink).  You have now saved $70 per month over your old plan ($50 if you ate cheap).  Now how much faster will you reach your savings goal with an extra $50 in your savings account?

Consider this - $50 per month over the course of a year is $600 extra to apply to your savings goals!  Write and let us know how you have saved for your goals.  Together we can come up with some creative ways to save.

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