Fresh Financial Start for the New Year!

It is a New Year and time for a Fresh Financial Start! 2011 can be the year the finances get into shape, but it will not happen automatically. If the desire is to be in a better financial standing in at the end of the year, then some of the spending habits will need to be different during the year. Small changes over a period of time equal some impressive results.
Small ¢hanges x 12 months = Impressive Re$ults

It is all about the choices being made on a daily basis. For example, the extreme vow not to visit Starbucks in 2011 probably will not be successful. Simply cutting the fancy coffee mornings in half, ordering the regular coffee, or making coffee at home will save some dollars that really add up!
Where can extra money for savings be found? Look at how money is spent now and where small changes can be made.
·         Save change in jar
·         Bring a bag lunch several days a week
·         Buy a reusable water bottle and refill at home
·         Plan meals to prevent fast food runs at 6 PM when the kiddos are hungry
Little by little, collect money not spent during the week. Plan how to use the money saved or it will be accidently spent. A savings account is a good place to save money for unexpected emergencies. The emergency savings help Virginia Savers improve their current and future financial situations.
The ¢hange saved today will change the future for the better!

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