And the Winners Are. . .

Virginia Saves is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Piggy Bank Pageant Winners!
The goal of the Piggy Bank Pageant was to inspire children to create savings goals and to develop the habit of regular savings for their future by engaging in building their own savings bank. Children tend to be early adopters of social campaigns and can be a great influence on family behavior. Money has power because it gives people (older and younger) decision making opportunities. Teaching wise spending and saving has a great impact on your child’s financial future than investing.
BB&T donated savings bonds for Virginia Saves to award as prizes in the Piggy Bank Pageant. BB&T has been an active partner with Virginia Saves. BB&T created new accounts for our Virginia Savers. These special accounts will really grow dollars that are saved.
The Savings Bonds provided by BB&T will be presented to the winners of each category.
·         $100 Savings Bond for the 1st Place Winners
·         $75 Savings Bond for the 2nd Place Winners
·         $50 Savings Bonds for the 3rd Place Winners

A BIG thanks to BB&T for the prizes and their support of Virginia Saves! Eight winners will receive the Savings Bonds.

2nd-3rd Graders

Tied for 1st place: Myra 
Name of bank: Piggy
Why savings is important: ‘So you can get what you want.’
What are you saving for right now? DSI

Tied for 1st place: Brooke
Name of bank: Pepper
Why savings is important: “so you can buy a home.”
What are you saving for right now? A real dog

2nd place: Jacob 
Name of bank: Hotdog
Why savings is important: For College
What are you saving for right now? PSXL/College

3rd place: Erin 
Name of bank: Piggy

 4th-6th Graders

Tied for 1st place: McKenzie 
Name of bank: Pigy if a boy; Swirl if a girl
Why savings is important: “So you can go to college.”
What are you saving for right now? A horse

Tied for 1st place: Shenan 
Name of bank: SD Bank
Why savings is important: “Because if you need money, you have some.”
What are you saving for right now? Phone, electric scooter and a car

2nd Place: Paige
Name of bank: Meatloaf
Why savings is important: College, a car, a house
What are you saving for right now?  A car

3rd Place: Hilary
Name of bank: Miss Pink
Why savings is important: “You can save for something coming when you grow up.”
What are you saving for right now? A car

Congratulations Winners!! The entries could be any style or theme. You were very creative and have great savings goals!

Parents can find more at Parent Resources for more information about instilling smart money habits in children while they are still young. By the time teens take the Personal Finance Class in High School, they have already established their 'money values'. Use fun activities like the Piggy Bank Pageant to talk about money with children!

Virginia Saves will be coordinating efforts with other areas of our great Commonwealth to include a State wide Piggy Bank Pageant in 2012.

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