Christmas in July - Shift the Date

Holidays can be overwhelming.  Places to be, relatives to visit, meals to plan and host, events and parties galore.  It is all good, but sometimes can be too much.  Shear logistics of managing the schedules and events can be so difficult that it can take the joy out of the actual experience. 

Virginia Saves has an idea that can keep the joy of the season but spread more throughout the year as well!  Creative celebrations can bring new life to old routines and to keep the spirit of the season all year long.  One idea is to shift some of the celebrations normally reserved for November and December to times when you can have more intentional focus. 

Summertime can be a great time for breaking from routines and reconnecting with family.  Shared vacations can be a great way to bond with sisters, cousins, aunts and grandparents.  Consider adding some family fun to your get togethers by having Christmas celebrations out of season.  It can help you keep the season in your heart and remember all the reasons for the holiday.

Who says you can't enjoy a turkey feast with all the trimmings during the summer.  Perhaps even plan a Christmas party with family and friends.  Singing holiday music, like "Let it Snow" can create some festivities and add a lot of fun to the summertime heat!  Plan a gift exchange and pull out all the ornaments and baubles from your last celebration to bring new life and joy to your summertime fun!

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