Back to School Savings Can be Misleading

Can you imagine - it is already time to start thinking about how to finance  back to school needs.  If you notice, there are many events being provided for those returning to school or college such as tax savings month, if you buy certain products. 

But have you noticed how everyone is trying to tempt you to purchase items that you truly do not need?  They have bought into the concept of ‘back to school’ savings - you can even buy a lawn mower which has nothing to do with your education. 

Many of these tax savings are lucrative but have you compared the prices to what you paid for pens pencils and the like to that of last year?  Which brings me to this -  you have missed the curve if you are just thinking about how to finance your newly about to be purchased items.

My Mom and Dad always had a way of teaching me and my 3 siblings how to save money and most of all they not only preached it but they did it as well.  They were mentors to me and my brothers and sisters.  The old saying that pennies make dollars - just imagine what dimes will make.  You can start saving by taking the very small baby steps of using an empty tin juice can with a slit at the top cut just large enough to hold dimes.  You will be surprised just how many dimes you can get into that recycled juice can - and guess what, you cannot open it unless you destroy the entire can.  We used to save hundreds of dollars using this method.  It became more of a fun game just waiting for those dimes to appear in the change that the local grocer gave back after a purchase or during a shopping spree.    I know, I can hear it DIMES, well then go for quarters.  One thing about quarters, you may want to bust into your bank for those quarters to do laundry.  Dimes - are  a safe bet since you may find you have less use for them. 

You will be shocked and surprised at how much money you will have when your next school semester begins.  You will also be very pleased with yourself when you can just about purchase any items with money that you have saved and not from money that you did not earn yourself through your daily chores.

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