Are you Saving Enough for Retirement?

Everyone knows they can't really depend on Social Security to be enough to live on in retirement, but with so many demands on our budgets, how can we be sure that we are saving enough to retire?  So many of us choose our retirement contributions based on what we have left in our budgets after all other bills, but this strategy could shortchange your retirement dreams. 

You can know how much you need to be saving by using a free calculator called the Ball Park Estimate from the American Savings Education Council.  You can find it by clicking on this link.  Just fill in a few simple questions and the calculator will tell you exactly what you should be saving.

The Social Security Administration has issued announcements that people who are working should work closely with their financial planner to assure their needs are met in retirement.  You can get personal financial planning advice by attending the Virginia Beach Financial Planning Days on October 22nd.  Just visit to register.  See you there!


  1. Making plans about retirement is an essential step. In the past, many retirees said goodbye to their jobs without realizing the dilemma they will be confronted only a few after retirement. Indeed, planning ahead can save you from trouble so you can enjoy your retirement years more productively. Here are 6 things that a future retirees must seriously consider before making a decision.

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