Holiday Gift Giving Resources

The holidays should be a time for happiness and celebration. Most families look forward to gift-giving, holiday activities, and visits with families. However, it can also be stressful with hectic shopping trips, budget planning, and the holiday “hustle and bustle”. Focus on alternative gifts to your family and friends without spending a fortune. For more information on how to save while giving, visit our full page Gift Giving Ideas for the Holidays: Gifts from the Heart

Quick and Easy Shopping Tips:
  • Don’t wait until the day before the big event to shop
  • Leave the credit cards at home
  • Charge carefully
  • Get organized 
  • Remember that online items may cost more due to shipping charges 

Interesting Gift Suggestions:

  • Create a brag book in minutes by uploading images to a CD and bringing them to a photo-printing kiosk.
  • Prove that eco-cleaning does work and can smell nice, too. Fill a pretty bottle with a homemade cleaner scented with essential oils. Find easy-to-make formulas at On the home page, type in “how to make green cleaning supplies.”
  • Make a recipe booklet with your favorites handwritten on cute cards. Punch a hole in the corner of each and tie together with a festive ribbon. Offer a dessert sample with the booklet.
  • Dip pretzels in melted store-bought almond bark and lay them on wax paper. Decorate with red and green sugar crystals, then package in holiday-themed cellophane bags.
More Resources:
  • Stocking stuffers can add up in addition to all the other purchases.  Save by making a list and staying on top of costs.  Christmas Stocking Stuffers: List what stocking gifts you have for each person.   List cost and location of purchase as well.
  • Gifts from the heart: Finding personal gifts can be a challenge, but here is a list to help you wow them this holiday season.
  • Looking for a NO cost gift idea?  Consider Gift Coupons – offer your valued services that will be appreciated more than any trinket you could purchase.
  • My Holiday Spending Plan:  This is a must-have.  Plan your holiday spending including gifts, food, activities, utilities and more!  

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