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Filing Season Opens and Free tax prep is available 
The filing season for tax year 2011 is here. To get help with tax preparation and find out about possible tax credits and deductions, you should take advantage of IRS sponsored free volunteer tax preparation programs. Full story

Where to get IRS forms and publications to prepare your taxes
If you are getting ready to file your taxes and looking for the right tax forms without having to go to an IRS office, look no further than your own computer. Full story

You can get copies of your tax return and tax account information online
Automated self-service applications make ordering copies of your tax return transcripts and tax account transcripts convenient and easy. Whether you choose the online option or the automated phone service, you will find the self-service options available any time, day or night, when it’s convenient for you. Full story

EITC - Tell somone
Tell someone you know about the Earned Income Tax Credit – or EITC – and ask them to pass it on. Full story

The IRS may have a refund check waiting for you
Thousands of tax refund checks go undelivered every year because people forget to tell the IRS or post office that their address changed. This year, more than 99,000 people are due refund checks averaging $1,547. Could one of them be you? Full story

Reporting Reminders for 2010 Roth Conversions and Rollovers 
In 2010, you may have: converted (transferred) a taxable amount from a non-Roth IRA to a Roth IRA.  Full story

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