Summer Projects

Making a summertime memory doesn't have to be done in a day. Taking on a family project like a garden or a family craft that can be used as a gift later in the year can be a great way to bond together as a family.

We would love to hear about your ideas for taking on a project with your family. Your ideas contribute to the Vacation Planning Guide!

Disney has a website with some great family fun activities. From building a clubhouse to starting your own pumpkin patch there are some great ideas to start your family project. Combining learning and play family activities can be designed with a larger purpose in mind!

Crafts can also be a great way to let your children explore their creative side while having a barrel of fun.

Backyard Nature Crafts Who needs to purchase craft supplies? Nature can provide them just by exploring your own backyard!

Backyard Forts: Is building in your plans? Find all the how-to's here with lots of great ideas from forts to playhouses!

About.Com offers a great list of fun ideas to try for crafts and summer projects. Check it out!

Tell us about your fun projects!

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