SaveUp No Spending Challenge

Savings Challenge:

Commit to 30 Days of No Spending With SaveUp

 America Saves and Virginia Saves are committed to finding innovative ways to help you save successfully. That's why we have teamed up with SaveUp, a free program that rewards Americans for saving money and paying down their debts, to provide you a fun and engaging experience while you save for the future.

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One of the top New Year’s resolutions is to save more and stick to a budget. Research shows if you can change your behavior for 30 days you are likely to stick to your goals. Join the SaveUp 30 Day No Spend Challenge – and kick start the New Year right. Be a champion for your personal economic recovery.


·         Choose any credit card in your wallet and commit to 30 days of no spending on that card by registering it for the SaveUp No Spend challenge.

·         The more days you check-in and stick to your challenge the more chances you have to win the grand prize of $5,000 to pay down your debt.

·         BONUS: Be a champion for change – share to bring others to the SaveUp No Spending Challenge and win an additional $5,000 in rewards.

BENEFITS: SaveUp’s Financial Detox helps you in the following ways:

·         Saving real dollars. Based on compound interest, an average household would save close to $15,000 in interest over 10 years if it paid down $1,000 now in credit card debt.

·         It challenges you to NOT spend on anything but what is needed.

·         It’s a game – how many days can I go without using money?

·         It forces you to look at other more creative options than spending.

·         It makes you become more conscious of your spending habits.

·         It discourages thoughtless, throwaway purchases and allows you to discover how little you truly need to be happy.

·         It encourages planning-ahead-spending and the use of cash or debit cards. 

SaveUp is a great online tool to motivate and reward people while saving and paying down their debt. As our members save more/pay down their debt, they earn opportunities to win great prizes like a $5,000 No Spend Fund, or a $5,000 Save and Share prize. SaveUp users can also organize all their savings and debt in one place, track their progress, and learn more about making the right financial choices. 

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