Moms - Do you Struggle with your Juggle?

Moms all know the great pressures that are placed on women. Managing the priorities of home, meals, marriage, children, social, health, spiritual and financial goals can be overwhelming. Each of us is on a journey through life and while each of these pressures have independent demands, they are very much interdependent.

Our lives are multifaceted and complex. We can't just carve out our financial goals from all the rest of the chaos that is our life. Juggling multiple priorities is something that women struggle with throughout all our lives. Finally there is a is a group that gets it... we are complex and have many priorities that all need attention we need help that understands we can't just drop one ball to give attention to the others.

One of our Virginia Saves Partners, Crown Financial Ministries has put together a wonderful resource for women to share ideas and support called The Struggle of the Juggle - It is good to know that you are not alone in this journey and that help and support are available. If you understand the stress of managing multiple priorities, check it out!

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