Kick Start Your Savings Series - Summer Temptations

As the temperature heats up, so does the temptation to spend. Between vacations and nights out with friends, summer can be fraught with expenses. Saving money and enjoying your summer can be synonymous. Take advantage of the following savings tips to inexpensively enjoy your summer:

Temptation # 1 – What am I going to wear?
Rather than purchase a new summer wardrobe, host a clothing swap with your friends, family, and neighbors. Everyone can get “new to them” accessories and clothing without having to spend a dime.

Temptation # 2 – What am I going to do for fun this summer?
Don’t spend your savings to see the summer blockbusters. Consider hitting cheaper matinees or borrowing recent flicks for free from the library. Look for free festivals or outdoor concerts in your area. Check newspapers, bulletin boards, your local library and search engines (type "free events" and the name of your city). Network shows are on vacation for the summer, so take a break from the TV! Cancel cable for the summer and add the savings to your bank account.
Be a tourist in your own city. Check out local museums and art galleries. For further savings, attend on discounted or free-to-the-public days.

Temptation # 3 – What are we going to eat?
Host a BBQ or potluck rather than go out to eat. With each guest responsible for a side-dish and their own beverage, you can enjoy the weather and company without sacrificing your pocketbook.

Make sure to bank your savings! Track your progress towards a savings goal by becoming a Virginia Saver, you can utilize the My Savings Tracker for free to record deposits and monitor your progress.

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