Holiday Grocery Shopping: How to Bring Home the Bacon without Breaking the Pig

Believe it or not, the average family of four spends more than $500 on groceries and food each month.

You can easily add another $50 or $100 to your monthly savings by making simple changes. Using the easy menu chart is like writing a grocery list. By using the chart you can track exactly what you buy. Also, we have included some easy tips to help you save more and spend less over the holiday season.

Holiday Meal Planning: Why plan out your meals? Planning meals may seem strange when most of us are hustling to get the job done. A planned menu saves time, money, and reduces stress. Reducing trips to the supermarket, a menu plan reduces impulse spending. Also, a meal plan improves good nutrition allowing more time for healthy side dishes and salads to be prepared, complementing your meal.
How to Use:

• Write the date of when you purchased the item Take advantage of plentiful coupons and rebates in advance, by buying non-perishable items when they are on sale. If you buy certain items regularly, stock up for additional savings.

• Write the occasion.

• Write down the food item. This helps you create an inventory.

• Finally, write down who is bringing a certain item. By having each family member be responsible for one or two items on the menu, you not only save money but create new family traditions!

Write a Grocery List: Writing up a grocery list that is efficient, time-saving and accurate takes a little planning. However, it can save you big money saved in extra items and trips to the store. You may want to look at the in-store sales and coupons you have before you make your menu up. Bulk buy whenever practical and save on cost per ounce or pound.

How to Use:

• Write what items you need and the quantity on the chart

• Organize according to the layout of the store to save yourself time and money.

• Know what you need. Then you won’t be tempted to spend on extra items.

• Check store ads and flyers for on sale money-saving specials

Additional Resources:

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