Money Saving Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. Here are some easy and inexpensive party ideas for you and your little goblins to have a good time, but without the financial monster in the closet.

1. Consider filling a homemade piƱata with treats and goodies, instead of buying numerous party favors. They are easily made from old newspaper and Elmer’s glue. This project is extremely creative, not just limited to painting a face! Cutting out ears from old plastic bottles, using brightly colored old magazines for wild hair, or the insides of a toilet paper tube for a nose, are just a few ideas using what would be thrown away around the house. Here is a link to show you how to make your own

2. Don't use an expensive table cloth for the party. Instead buy a cheap plastic table cloth and decorate it with permeate markers-- everyone gets to sign and doodle all over it, and afterwards the table cloth can be hung up for both children and parents to admire. Another easy way to do this is with construction paper, and letting each child create his or her own placemat.

3. Consider visiting thrift shops and using in house items for costumes. Old hats, dresses, and coats can be used to create a variety of personalities. A zombie costume, for example, can be made from ripping up an old t-shirt and jeans and applying a little eyeliner or dark eye shadow. Make sure to test your product before applying to your eyes as some products can cause allergic reactions. For more ideas visit

4. Skip the usual orange and black color scheme this Halloween and opt for something a bit different. Red is a bold choice that not only packs a big visual punch, but also allows you to recycle staple decorations from Christmas, Valentine's Day or Fourth of July to keep costs down.

5. Take a Halloween trust walk. Place a few random items on the table such as a water balloon, noodles, candy corn, the top of the feather duster, or a small piece of crumpled tin foil. What are these items? Blindfolded, the squishy water balloon becomes a monsters nose, the noodles worms, and the candy corn vampire teeth and so on. Encourage group members to lead each other. The stories can get really wild!

6. Consider each person bringing a small snack or drink for the party. Not only do you save money as you do not have to buy all of the food items, but it also opens up the floor for some really creative recipes. For more ideas visit.

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