The 25 Days of Holiday Savings: Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Decorating for the Holidays can be stressful, not to mention expensive. The tinsel, trappings, and thingamabobs start to add up. However, there are lots of other ways to decorate your home. Here are 25 easy ways to redecorate for the season.
  1. Decorate with holiday ribbon. The ribbon can be tied to curtains, banisters, windows, and placed on mantles with a few unlit candles.
  2. Bring the outdoors indoors. Don't be afraid to use pine cones and needles for decorations. The cones can also be painted or dipped in glitter for unique ornaments.
  3. Want a unique table runner? Use an old holiday scarf instead!
  4. Wrap your doors in Christmas wrapping paper and attach large bows make from fabric or purchased at your local craft store.
  5. Use a holiday pop-up book as a centerpiece. Just open the book up to a desirable picture and place the open book in the center of your table.
  6. Trim door frames, window frames and the edges of mirrors with Christmas garland.
  7. Create an red and green display in your kitchen using a collection standard food items. Jars of olives, sun dried tomatoes, pickles, red peppers, cans with red or green labels.
  8. For convincing "snow" on your tree lay lengths of rolled cotton, available at drugstores, on the branches.
  9. Stuffing potpourri in bowls or baskets is another great idea to make a beautiful centerpiece.
  10. Tie cinnamon sticks with ribbons and hang them from the mantle, Christmas tree, etc.
  11. Hang old greeting cards from the Christmas tree. You can also make a collage of the cards and decorate the wall behind the fireplace with it.
  12. Make your own garlands with the help of popcorn, buttons, beads, cranberries, charms, candies, etc. Use these garlands for decorating the house.
  13. Decorate with candy canes Place in a clear tall vase and tie with a ribbon for a festive centerpiece.
  14. Hang mistletoe everywhere.
  15. Many of us have collected small treasures over the years: knick-knacks that embody the memories of past Christmas festivities. One approach is to place them sparsely, one or two per room. This can turn the whole home into a memory lane.
  16. Take your throw pillows and tie them with holiday colored ribbons either once around the middle or like a holiday gift.
  17. Take soup, vegetable or peanut cans and create new places for gift stuffing. Decorate with holiday wrapping paper or children's drawings.
  18. Take household bottles and spray paint them in holiday colors. Place flowers, candles, or twigs inside for an inexpensive accent piece.
  19. Put metal cookie cutters into a bowl with a pretty Christmas ribbon.
  20. Put a teddy bear on a stack of holiday books
  21. Food is a large part of Christmas and you can use fruits and nuts as a natural way to decorate.Use apples, oranges, and nuts.
  22. Use helium balloons with fancy ribbons tied to little decorative sandbags. They are very inexpensive and look great.
  23. Make a gingerbread house for a beautiful centerpiece.
  24. Have a lot of scrap Christmas fabric from years past? Use it to make a simple square patchwork quilt as a throw for the couch, and add a lot of holiday spirit to the room!
  25. Take down your pictures and wrap them then hang them back on the wall for great holiday cheer!
Garage sales are a treasure trove of Christmas decorations. Summer and fall is the peak of garage sale season and is a good time to stock up on holiday decorations. Thrift stores also have interesting items, that may be used for very little cost.  

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