Decking the Halls: Decorating on a Budget

A lot of extra money is wasted over the holiday season. Reusable items such as gift bags, strings of holiday lights, and extra wrapping paper, is thrown away. Also conveniences such as professional gift wrapping and novelty attachments can really add up. By creating your own holiday spending plan, you can organize your inventory of items for each person on your list. Also, it becomes easy to see how much you are actually spending verses the estimated cost.

Decorating For the Holidays:
• Consider inexpensive decorating strategies, such as children's artwork and crafts
• Inspect and inventory holiday decorations and only purchase items to enhance current decorations
• Check light strands for cracked or broken bulbs and replace bulbs. The bulbs are less expensive.

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We’ve also included a chart to help you keep an inventory of items. By keeping a detailed inventory, you will know exactly what you have and where it is located. Don’t waste money on replacement items if you don’t have to!


Your Holiday Decorating Chart

How to Use the Holiday Decorating Chart:

• Write the year the item was bought
• Write the decoration name and description
• Write the storage area of the item
• Write how many of that item will need to be repurchased.
• Keep the list handy for next year, and write down your shopping list according to the chart

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