EITC Finder

Who is the EITC Finder for?
The EITC Finder is specifically designed for lower and middle income taxpayers who can access the Internet on their smart phones. It is also for nonprofits and others that serve these tax filers. The app gives staff and volunteers the ease and flexibility of showing families - wherever they may be meeting - how easy it is to determine EITC eligibility.

How does it work?
The EITC Finder asks a few simple questions ... things like "Are you married or single?"; "How many children do you support?"; and "How much money did you earn last year?" If the information you enter indicates you qualify for EITC, the app estimates how much you could get back from the IRS and your state. Then it tells how you can easily claim the EITC by preparing and filing your tax return for FREE with one of the free products offered through IRS Free File.

Why does the EITC Finder refer people to Free File to claim EITC?
Free File is a public- private partnership between the IRS and commerical tax software companies. From www.IRS.gov/FreeFile, taxpayers can choose from among more than a dozen brand name software products. Each product provides step-by-step guidance for getting a more accurate tax return and claiming the tax credits and deductions they are eligible for, inlcuding EITC. They can transmit their return electronically and if they select direct deposit, they can get their refund in as fast as 7-10 days. All for FREE.

How can tax filers get help claiming EITC with Free File?
More than 300 IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) programs across the country are providing opportunities for people to use Free File products at their sites. A listing of the VITA sites offering Free File services is posted on the EITC Finder's support site, www.IntuitEmpowers.com.

Where can I find the EITC Finder?
Intuit's new EITC Finder is available in both English and Spanish on the App Store and Android Market. The release coincides with National Earned Income Tax Credit Day on January 27. For more information and video demonstration visit www.IntuitEmpowers.com.

Courtesy of Inuit Financial Freedom Foundation

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