Virginia Saves Piggy Bank Pageant

Virginia Saves Piggy Bank Pageant                         February 2012

Teachers and Adult Youth Program Leaders:

Inspire your group or class to create savings goals and develop the habit of regular savings for their future by engaging youth in building their own bank.

Local Pageant Guidelines for groups and schools–create your own theme:

·       One entry per child

·         Piggy bank must be created or decorated by child (with

minimal parental assistance) & must be able to hold coins.

·         Bank cannot be larger than 14 inches tall and 14 inches wide

·         Be creative! Use any theme or animal you want! It doesn’t

have to be a pig. Promote recycling by using old plastic containers

or other containers or add stickers or buttons to purchased banks.

·         Any entries displaying offensive art or language will

automatically be disqualified and not be displayed and will not

be eligible for prizes.

·         Hold a Piggy Bank Pageant in your group, class or school.

·         Choose a winner(s).

·         Photograph Winning Piggy Banks and submit registration form to Virginia Saves by 3/31/2012.

Virginia Saves 2012 Pageant Rules

·         The winner(s) of your group or class will be eligible for the state contest.

·         Entries will be judged by partners, advisory board members, and staff of Virginia Community Capital. 

·         Send an email with a fully completed registration form and electronic photo of winning bank to on or before March 31, 2012 to be eligible for prizes.

·         Contest entries will be on display at VirginiaSaves’ Facebook page.

·         Winning entries will be notified by April 30, 2012. Winners agree to promotional/ community news at Virginia Saves website/Facebook sites or press releases.


·         Virginia Saves Contact: Teresa Walker, c/o Virginia Community Capital at:, , or via phone at 540-260-3126.

Virginia Saves is a campaign to help Virginians to prepare for their futures by increasing their allocations to savings. This campaign is not designed to sell products but to increase financial knowledge.

Like most public awareness campaigns, children tend to be early adopters and can be great influencers of family behavior. This piggy pageant is designed to educate children about the need for savings while engaging them in a fun creative activity.

To learn more about the benefits of savings and ways to begin savings:

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