30-40-30 Plan Makes Taxtime Savings Easy

Getting started on a savings plan is one of the hardest pieces of the puzzle.  Virginia Saves website www.virginiasaves.org has some great tips to help you get started.  Taxtime is a great time to carve out a little refund savings to meet your future needs.  Take a look at the 30-40-30 plan.  Using this plan you address past, present and future needs with your tax refund.

PAST:  30% of your refund used to catch up on past due bills and debt reduction.

PRESENT: 40% live a little and enjoy some of the purchases you have been putting off because of funds shortage.

FUTURE: 30% set aside for future purchases (back to school, vacation, new tires, emergency, etc).

Get your 30-40-30 Plan here.

This year you can cover all your needs using your refund to get you jumpstarted.

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