52 Week Savings

The 52 Week Savings Challenge has taken savers by storm.  The challenge is to save $1,378 by increasing your savings by $1 each week.  This plan is challenging but simple. 

During week one you save $1.  Easy-peasy. 
Week two: $2.  You get the drift.

The Challenge starts out easy and gets harder throughout the year so that at week 51, you save $51 and week 52, you save $52.  With these harder weeks coming during the holiday season many people find themselves falling off the plan.

Virginia Saves offers a couple of ways to still achieve your mission but without the year-end pain.

1. Use your refund to catch up on some of the harder weeks.  Set that money into your savings.  Hard weeks done!

2.  Do the challenge in reverse so that the easier weeks are at the end rather than the beginning.

3.  Mark off the weeks as you are able to complete them.  Only have $17 to save, mark that week off.

To get you copy of the 52 Week Savings Challenge click HERE

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