Computer Games

If you have a child that is "plugged in", finding computer games that are age appropriate and child friendly can be a challenge.  Check out some of these free locations for games that can be entertaining and sometimes educational too. 

Free summer fun computer games for kids to mix up some of the activities in the summer. 

From Scooby's Rippin' Ride to Mower Mayhem to puzzles and word games all appropriate for kids.  Check out this summer games selection from Primary Games!

The US Mint has a great selection of fun games that teach about money, art, history and just plain action games.  Play When Pigs Fly to build your own plane an see how long you can keep it in the air.  The Lewis and Clark Adventure can inspire the explorer in you.  Join the journey into the old west and overcome the challenges that were faced by Lewis and Clark.  Many more games at H.I.P. Pocket Change 

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation has a website Dollars from Sense a beginners guide to getting started with money management, saving and investing.  Great information for the whole family.

Learn for Good is a great website with a great array of fun online games for kids.  Some educational and some just plain fun.

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  1. Thanks for the list. I'm actually looking for some educational games that I can introduce to my brother who is really addicted on farming world of warcraft gold. Mostly reviews I've read that WoW falls into a violent game category. I hope your list would help him to get rid of his addiction.