Staycation Ideas

Fun can reside in one’s own backyard!  As parents, you can use the summer staycation to help your child explore their interests  Check out some of the great arts, crafts, exploration activities right in your own area.  Staycations can provide great fun with family without the costs of travel. 

The trick to a successful staycation is to create the mood of a traditional vacation.  Breaking from routine and enjoying fun activities together as a family. 

Backyard Parties  Great ideas for connecting with family and friends right at home.

Backyard Recreations:  Having a party or just enjoying games as a family can be a great way to create summertime memories.

Explore your own Backyard:  One of my favorite things to do is to investigate some of the history of my hometown and visit historical locations.  Check out your local historical society or search for a book on the history of your area.  Roadside America can also introduce you to some oddities that might be right in your own area!  Finding that hidden treasure in your community can be a great adventure.

Family Reunions:  You don't have to wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas to reconnect with extended family.  Family reunions allow your children to connect with the roots of their family tree (and perhaps all the branches as well).  Check out this website with all the resources you need to plan the perfect family reunion:  From concept to the actual event, there are lots of details to cover.  The planning can become a family project with every member contributing something to the event.

Summertime Projects:  Summertime can provide the time needed to tackle some of those projects.  Doing projects together as a family can be a great way to create a memory this summer.

Random Holiday:  I enjoy this one.  Plan a day several weeks in advance for a special day to honor someone you love.  It could be a grandparent, Dad or some other important person in your life.  Spend time preparing a celebration that will show them how much they mean to you.  Because it is random, it adds to the celebration - they will never expect it, but your family can have a great time as you plan and anticipate the event!

Pitch a Tent: You don't need to leave town to go camping.  Consider camping in your own back yard.  Just the very act of leaving the house can create a sense of adventure and fun.

If you are looking for some additional inspiration check out Smart Ideas for a Summer Staycation.

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