Kids in the Kitchen

Summertime can be a great time to introduce kids to fun recipes that are easy to create.  The extra time afforded as kids are out of school is great to begin training them to create snacks and meals on their own.  As parents, we want to see our children learn the life skills they need to succeed. 
Here are a list of websites we found.  If you have some favorite recipes, please share with our readers!

Easy Kids Recipes  Check out their suggestions for great fun foods for the fourth of July!

Kids Health Has a lot of great healthy recipe ideas that kids can create for themselves

Kids Recipes A-Z has fun ideas from Bunny Salad to Octopus dogs.  Great cooking with a little whimsy!

Recipes from Disney Family Fun:  Disney has some great fun ways for kids to get started preparing snacks and special foods. 

Nick Jr. has a wealth of recipes that are fun for kids.

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